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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the largest job Vivid Outdoor Lighting has ever completed?

A: 52 total light fixtures.


Q: What is the smallest job Vivid Outdoor Lighting has ever completed?

A: 4 light fixtures, we pride ourselves on creating beautiful outdoor spaces as economically as possible.


Q: What is the size of a typical landscape lighting design?

A: About 12 light fixtures.


Q: Can Vivid Outdoor Lighting service a landscape lighting system that was installed by someone else?

A: On multiple occasions Vivid has fixed corroded lines, broken fixtures, or swapped out halogen bulbs for LED.


Q: I have a lighting system but I am not happy with it. Can Vivid design my system and use the lights I already have?

A: The answer is yes, but typically if they are bought from a retail store they won’t be as good of quality as they are from an actual manufacturer. Most of the time they won’t have the warranty either.


Another side note, many people think that if they reuse their fixtures it will cut the cost of the job by half. While reusing fixtures will lower the cost of the job, the fixtures may need to be serviced, re-lamped, rewired or move.


Q: What brand of fixtures do you use?

A: Vivid Outdoor Lighting is not a franchise so we can use whatever brand of fixtures we think are best for the design. Our main suppliers are Amp, Kichler, and FX Luminaire.


Q: What is a low voltage lighting system?

A: A low voltage lighting system consists of: A controller, electrical outlet, transformer, low voltage wire, light fixtures and the LED bulbs.


Q: Why not have my landscaper or electrician do my lighting?

A: Outdoor lighting is our only business, so we know the best products to use, we design unique lighting for each specific home, and we are familiar with the latest lighting installation techniques. Landscapers do a great job at landscaping, but choosing a landscape lighting expert is your best bet for beautiful lighting for your residence.


Q: Is the landscape lighting work done before or after the landscape?

A: The answer is after. The placement of lighting fixtures and resulting effects depends upon landscape elements and plantings being in place.


Q: When do you install your lighting systems?

A: Here at Vivid Outdoor Lighting we will initiate our spring projects around April 1st and stop around December 15th.


Q: How deep does the cable go into the ground?

A: We typically install cable at a depth of 3″ to 6”. If we are by the edge of a garden bed we will put a ½ inch piece of PVC pipe to protect the wire from being cut by edging the garden beds.


Q: How do you normally control the lighting system?

A: The typical solution is to put a timer into the transformer box. We can also add a photocell to automate the system. However, we believe astronomical timers are the most effective control for today’s landscape lighting systems.  They have many advantages over conventional timers, including: fully digital operation, automatic adjustment (no need for a photocell), battery backup, and a limited lifetime warranty. We also install smart adapters that allow the homeowner to control their outdoor lights from a mobile device.

Q: What does a landscape lighting system cost?

A: Systems and installation usually begin around $1,000 to $1,500, and vary based on the size and depth of the project. Many of our installations are in a range from $1,000 to approximately $10,000.  It all depends on the size of the home and or landscape of the customers property that we are working with.


Q: Will you be available to maintain my low voltage landscape lighting system after you install it?

A: Yes! We have a maintenance package that will help keep your landscape lighting system in excellent condition.

Q: Will landscape lighting add a lot to my electrical bill?

A: A well-designed low voltage system for landscape lighting is energy efficient and economical to operate.  An average outdoor lighting system of 20 fixtures will cost only $12 to $15 per month in electricity, an LED system only 25% as much.

Q: Is Vivid Outdoor Lighting a franchised lighting company?                           

A: No we are not! We are a small privately owned low voltage landscape lighting company that prides itself on the work we do. Our objective is to provide the highest quality services to our customers. We enhance the beauty of your outdoor space with the added benefit of security. Outdoor lighting is one of the most cost-effective, yet elegant ways to add curb appeal, value and safety to your property.

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