Professional Landscape Lighting Maintenance Services

Taking care of your landscape lighting allows your outdoor system to run properly throughout the years. Have Vivid Outdoor Lighting give you that carefree mindset knowing that your outdoor investment will be working smooth for years to come .

Maintenance programs are an important factor in keeping the beauty and the functionality of your lighting investment running properly.  Proper cleaning and maintenance can extend the life of your landscape lights and keep your system functioning smoothly. While little maintenance is needed, there are some tasks that should be performed once or twice a year, or as needed, to avoid more expensive repairs later on in time. Vivid Outdoor Lighting offers an amazing maintenance package for their customers or anyone in general who has outdoor lighting .  Even if your outdoor lighting wasn't installed by Vivid Outdoor Lighting we can still maintain it. If you are looking for that reputable company to take care of your landscape lighting, well look no further.  

  • Perform visual inspection of fixture placement, design scheme, and recommend possible enhancements

  • Straighten and adjust fixtures to ensure design integrity

  • Remove mulch and debris that might be covering fixtures

  • Check all connections

  • Check for proper voltage delivery on each fixture

  • Clean lenses and fixtures to ensure longevity and correct light output

  • Tighten transformer terminal block connections

  • Conceal any exposed wire due to foot traffic or erosive conditions

  • Limited pruning of landscape

  • Check automatic timing and operational control system

  • Trim any foliage covering the fixtures

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